Freeflow Drain Srvice Contracts
Example Service Contract:

We recommend between 2 – 4 visits a year depending on size of property and or number of employees. An initial full in-depth drain survey and written report. Maintenance carried out will include:

  • High Pressure Jetting of all External Drains
  • Internal Pipe Work Cleaning Including Bathrooms & Sinks
  • Guaranteed Free Callout Providing Non-Missuse
  • From only £95 per Visit

Service Contracts

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance being carried out on the pumping station at Pontins

For one affordable annual fee we can offer a service contract providing you with two to three visits a year (depending on the size and nature of the business) where we will high pressure jet all external drains and electro rod all internal pipework (this can be tailored to your own requirements.)

Along with this we will also supply your business with a detailed report of the work carried out and highlighting any potential problems you may be facing in the future.

If for any reason throughout the year you have any faults you will automatically be covered by the contract and we are only a call away.

Our clients currently include:

  • Resturants, Pubs & Bars
  • Hotels
  • Residential Homes
  • Golf Clubs
  • Retail Outlets
  • Business Premises, Offices, commercial and leisure