Drain Lining

“Lining can be carried out on pipework from 75mm through to 300mm.”

With the aid of latest technology in trenchless repairs, drains can be renovated to an “as new” condition therefore saving time and most of all “MONEY” without the headache of major excavation works.

Drain lining is a proven and established method of placing a pipe within an existing damaged pipe without excavation and with minimal disruption. The new pipe material is similar to GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and in all cases will be superior in quality and in strength to the pipe it lines.

When the inversion is complete the new pipe which was originally flexible is now ridged resulting in a strong pipe fitted into another pipe with minimum loss of cross section (approx 6%). The liner is manufactured from a special dense impermeable felt and is designed and tailored to fit exactly the internal dimension of the damaged pipe. A special resin containing an activating agent is impregnated into the liner prior to installation.

Benefits of Drain Lining

Re-rounding pitch fibre pipework

We can also re-round pitch fibre pipe work. Please click image to view greater detail

  • Eliminated costly excavations and general disruption to the property
  • Capable of repairing and curing leaking joints and open joints, root intrusion, cracks, and other associated pipework failures
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial properties
  • Guarantees improved flow characteristics
  • Will withstand ground movement far in excess of the traditional drainage materials such as salt glaze clay
  • The process is accepted by local authorities, loss adjusters, surveyors, civil engineers etc,
  • Continual lengths of up to 50 metres can be installed in one length
  • The materials used are very strong and abrasive resistant and do not rely on the existing pipework for structural integrity.
  • Most lining work can be carried in the same day.
  • The liner confirm with the European standard BSEN13566-F: 2002