Blocked Drains

Freeflow Drains of Folkestone and Hythe specialise in the clearance of domestic blocked drains.

Interior Blocked Drains

The first thing we do is ascertain if it is an interior or exterior blockage. Once we know where the blockage is we use specific tools to deal with blockage. If you blockage is exterior please visit our high pressure jetting page.

We have a number of specialist tools to deal with any type of blockage, from a powerful commercial plunger to the versatile electro rod, this passes a flexible steel cable down the pipe work via the plug, removing fat, hair and scale build up. All our equipment is purpose designed to clean domestic interior blocked drains. Therefore the impact on the area is minimal

Tips to Avoid Blocked Drains

Avoid pouring cooking fats/waste or any greasy material down sinks and plugholes. – Fats and oils congeal in the drain reducing the pipes diameter and flow rate and will ultimately lead to a blocked drain if not cleared.

Remove all build up of hair that may get caught in plugholes

Specialist High Pressure jetting and Drain clearance in the south East